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Superior coating for your walls in only achieved through the help of a professional and what better hand than the experts hands at B&B Painting Experts LLC! We are a leading painting company in Hillsboro OR, and we are qualified to help you as proficient painting contractors.

If you are looking for a painter that is ready to go the extra mile to ensure you quality results, you’ve reached the right place. Our team carries over 18 years of experience in the handling of finishes and house painting projects for the local community.

Our main focus as a painting company in Hillsboro OR is to provide you with customer satisfaction, and we would stop until you are content with our results. From top to bottom our staff is prepared to assist you with:

  • Interior painting services
  • Outdoor painting services
  • Paint repair
  • Paint refinishing

Through the entirety of the procedure we take all the necessary safety measures to ensure that no paint splatters on your furniture. Start saving time and money with the help of our professional painters, who have for years worked with surface repair, primer tinting and more!

Freshen up color with our painting company in Hillsboro OR

When it comes to house painting there is nothing more crucial than choosing the right color to go with the effect you want to have inside a certain room. For example, choosing red for your new kitchen remodeling is a great choice, since red is used to excite and make you hungry.

Throughout the years we’ve been able to advise our clients for a better use of color in the painting projects they need. Here is list of suggestions you can use depending on the color you’d like to use:

  • Blue: use to represent intelligence, it incites calm and knowledge
  • Yellow: the color of happiness, it works to excite people and make them joyous
  • Brown: nature at its simplest expression, brown is used to create natural ambiences

Contact our team right now and request for a FREE estimate on our services! Our professional staff of painters is willing to prove to you that we are a leading painting company in Hillsboro OR whose main goal is to provide you with alternatives to paint your residential or commercial property.

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