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There are few elements that can make a house more beautiful than a beautiful deck; however, decks require maintenance on an annual basis, at least.

If you’re planning on performing deck paint, you should know it can be a tricky task. Unlike sidings, the wood in decks resists more to weather conditions.

In fact, various sides of each piece of wood in your deck may suffer weathering. Some surfaces are inaccessible and impossible to protect. So, before you start your project of deck paint, you’ll probably want to check the state of the wood first.

Deck Paint can be a real problem

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Partially painted wood can become a huge problem with time. Even if your project of deck paint includes caulking the joints; make sure you paint all six sides of each piece.

However, if you can’t do this, we recommend you to abandon the idea of painting, and choose to stain your deck instead.

If you still want to paint, we recommend the following:

  1. Make Repairs: Inspect your deck thoroughly and check for any structural damage in posts and joists. Before undertaking deck paint in Hillsboro OR, make sure to tight fasteners, replace loose nails, and fill any holes with putty.
  2. Clean thoroughly: Nothing is too much for getting the wood clean before deck paint. Pressure-wash it, scrub it with detergent, and revive the look of your wood using a professional deck cleaning product. Remember to wear protection when using chemicals for your safety.
  3. Caulking: You can apply a high-quality caulk to every joint. Remember this is fundamental to getting excellent results.
  4. Paint: Finish your deck paint by using ONLY high-quality acrylic paint. Again, you have to be sure that there won’t be any unpainted areas to avoid moisture from accumulating in the unpainted pieces.

deck paintingIf it’s impossible to protect each piece of wood, we strongly recommend using oil-based stain instead. Besides, looking beautiful and protecting your deck, it’s absorbed by the wood; hence it doesn’t create a film that eventually peels off.

If you need to know other interesting ideas about your deck paint, then check our portfolio.

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