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The New Year arrived one month ago, and the professional team of B&B Painting Experts wants to ask you.  How do your business goals go?  The main idea is to perform better than the previous year. For that reason, we want to share with you the color psychology theory for commercial painting.

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the science that studies how colors impact the human behavior.  In other words, it states people change their behavior when they are exposed to a specific color. In fact, Color psychology is used in different fields such as sports, education, marketing, and branding for its effectiveness. However, it is important to remark that the effects can vary depending on the personal background.

Commercial Painting: Colors in Marketing and Branding

If you want to maximize the potential of your business or increase the productivity of your workers, you should continue reading this article.  You will find that understanding colors meaning is essential because the visual appearance of a product is more important than its physical texture.

Have you already think about a color to renovate your office or business? Well, if yes, our advice is rethinking it after finish reading this blog post. If no, take a look at what each color cause in our mind.

Man hand painting a wall with blue color


Blue is most preferred color among men and women. Just for you to know, maybe it is people favorite color because our ancestors associated it with the feeling of trust or a clear blue sky view.

Also, it has a calming effect that helps to improve concentration.  So we recommend the use of blue color for study rooms and production line due to increase productivity.  To the contrary, if you have a restaurant or sell food, you should never use blue because it decreases appetite.


Use of red color in a restaurant interior with red sofas.

Red color has a variety of effects on our bodies. First, when displayed with other colors, it will stand among the others color and call people attention. For instance, governments all around the world use red lights for traffic signs. Second, red can make you more productive in the case that a high heart rate benefits you.   It raises your blood pressure and makes you think that time is passing faster.

Third, red color intimidates your opponents.  This previous effect may be because teachers use red to mark up errors in our assignments. And, fourth, blue also increase appetite, so if you have a restaurant, painting your dining room, restaurant or use it on your website will increase your sales.


We have already discussed two colors blue and red. In our following article, we are going to continue talking about color psychology and its application in commercial painting. So wait for our next blog and discover how to increase your revenues by painting your walls with a specific color. However, if you have already decided a color, we invite you to get in touch with us.

As always, we are going to perform a high-quality painting. For example, check our portfolio that contains pictures of our most recent projects.

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