Kitchen Cabinets Painting: The Best Colors To Choose

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Over time, it is likely that homeowners get bored with the look of their current kitchen. Often, this feeling evolves into a desire for painting. After all, there must be a way to make it look awesome again. Many people believe that it is necessary to engage in a full remodeling job. However, your kitchen can look way different than before with just little investment. More specifically, adding some color to your old cabinets can improve the ambiance by itself. But then, what colors should you choose when looking for paint for kitchen cabinets?

Choosing the right paint for kitchen cabinets involves bearing in mind the focal point that they take. Thus, it is very important to pick a color that you love. Chances are that you will get bored quickly if you are indifferent to the color.


If you know where to add it, kitchen cabinets can have a lot of colors like other rooms in the house. The kitchen cabinets of bright colors, for example, are very fashionable and excellent form of personal character to the environment. Although painting the cabinets takes time, the result will be worth it if you choose the appropriate color. For this, I recommend that you follow the following tips before starting your project.


Close up of white kitchen cabinetsIt is important that you take time to choose the appropriate color. Painting cabinets is not as easy as it seems, and you will not use your kitchen until the paint has dried well. The color that you choose must be able to live for many years. Keep in mind that blue or gray cabinets are fashionable, but these can be sad for this space. In contrast, red cabinets can increase appetite.

You should also think about the value that you are adding to the property. If you plan to sell it later, a slightly less striking color is a very good option. To find the right color, you can buy a small sample. And, then paint a small part of the cabinet and let it dry a couple of days. Why? To see what the color looks like in your kitchen lighting. Also, you can determine what it is the best option by try until finding the ideal color.


Do you need a little inspiration to choose the appropriate color? White, black, and wood color are the classic options. Others that are very subtle are green, gray, and blue. The green is excellent for rustic kitchens since you can add light browns and a lot of other details.

Red is another classic option, although it is not as recommendable as it happens very fast in fashion. Moreover, a violet with a brown base is another great option. Also, mustard yellow can make your kitchen look modern.


Another option that you can consider is to use two colors for the kitchen cabinets. Also, if you want to use a bright color, this technique is excellent.  Why? It will prevent the kitchen from looking very busy. Moreover, you can paint the upper and lower areas of different colors. Besides, paint the frame and doors of different shades. The combination of black and white is quite popular. However, you can use other combinations, such as white and orange, gray and turquoise, or apple green, and beige.


Beautiful kitchen cabinets made of wood

Once you have chosen the right color for the cabinets, it is time to look for the best surface paint. Your cabinets will need good sandpaper to remove the varnish you have, which is sure to be thick to make the wood easier to clean.

The base paint is very necessary since it will make the paint in color adhere much better and will not detach if you did not sand completely. Remember to choose a brand with very good quality. Some brands have lines primarily for kitchen cabinets. To finish add a layer of polyurethane to protect the surface and make it easier to clean.


Indeed, you can paint your cabinetry in many different colors. However, a rule of thumb is to examine the colors that are already in place. For example, take a look at the walls, backsplashes, and even your appliances. If you have an already varied palette in your kitchen, the safe bet is to pick a neutral color or white. A few nice examples of neutral colors are beige, as well as various hues of gray.

On the contrary, the current state of your kitchen may allow you to experiment. Many people choose pastel colors such as light yellow. Other color combinations may include sky blue, which gives a relaxed vibe and looks great with stainless steel appliances. On the other hand, you can also choose bolder colors. Emerald or navy blue work perfectly for larger kitchens since they won’t look too overwhelming. Finally, combining a light and a darker color for the paint for kitchen cabinets is quite the trend nowadays. The idea is to put a lighter color on the top cabinets and the darker on the bottom.

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As you can see, there are countless ways to achieve the perfect look for your kitchen. There are no limits when choosing the right paint for kitchen cabinets. If you need professional help, call us at B&B Painting Experts LLC.

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