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The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported the heaviest snowfall in the last month of December. This extreme weather conditions damaged the painting wood finishing at your home. To show off a beautiful wood finish in this coming spring, the B&B Painting experts will give four wood finishing tips.

The first month of the year as well as cold weather is about to end. Snow will suddenly disappear, and your house will need some painting maintenance.  As you may know, there are some parts that need some extra effort to last longer. In this occasion, we are going to learn four wood finishing tips certified by our experts.

Wood Finishing Tips for restoration of wooden parts.

1.     Inspect and clean your wood project

Painting and finishing wood is a process that starts before the paint touches the surface of the wood. Take your time to inspect the wood and take note of what it needs to recover its old and fabulous aspect.  First, remove the old paint with a paint remover. We recommend you to use gum gloves to avoid skin damages because paint removers are corrosive liquids.

2.    Sand and fill holes

Woman hand sanding a wood tableFilling holes is an activity that must be performed with care. Apply carefully the wood filler paying attention to let the filler attach to the surface. In the opposite scenario, it is going to be required additional sanding. For sanding, we recommend hand sanding following the wood’s veins. It will result in a soft surface that is going to reduce the chances of scratches. Moreover, it is necessary to change the sandpaper with frequency.


3.    Stain and apply gloss to the wood

There are many staining products available on the market. To buy the appropriate one, you need to remember that the goal of staining is adding color to the existence wood’s patterns. Also, you will have to test the stain in a hidden area of the wood furniture or walls. Then, be patience to achieve a glossy finish. In some projects, you can spend a week waiting to build an excellent glossy finish. Our experienced painters can advise you to consider a different finish if you do not have the time. Additionally, we can perform the wood finishing in more than one session.

4.   Varnishing the wood

Woman varnishing a wood tableAfter letting the stain dry, you need to may sure that the wood surface is free of dust, insects, and take care that the humidity does not penetrate it. The temperature must vary between 70 °F and 80°F. Another essential aspect to take into consideration is the location, find a place or create an environment where the wooden piece will not be disturbed. Varnishing curing varies depending on the product applied; we usually apply varnishes that require 24 hours to cure.

Wood restoration and finishing is a complex process. Patience and hard work are required to obtain a good finish. Working with wood is an art that is acquired with time and perseverance. Wood staining and finishing are more than following a guide; Location, temperature, ventilation, and humidity are also factors that have an impact on the final result of a woodworking project.

We provided you with a four wood finishing tips list which is not enough for a professional result. Feel free to contact us and request more information. Also, you can check our location and visit us to contract our services. B&B Painting Experts are going to give a hand in your projects.

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